We have a twenty-four hour Special Response Team at your disposal to combat crime, investigate, arrest and bring suspects to book. Our members all well-trained and experienced in the handling of such matters and will be an advantage to your business or home to have us on your speed dial
We provide a bike patrol service, which keeps elements out of your neighborhood and business areas. This crime prevention initiative is visual and very effective. Using crime prevention methods employed by the South African Police Service, we are able to reduce the amount of incidents within a given area. Members are trained to be vigilant and know what to look out for when it comes to suspicious individuals and activities.
We also supply, security guards for both business and residential properties. All guards are well trained by our team to ensure that your assets are protected through visual monitoring and access control.
Through the years of expertise and experience, we are able assess your current security situation, and do a threat analysis on your home or business, providing you with a solution to safeguard your premises and assets. Through our partnerships with other service providers as well as by using our own services, we are able to secure your premises against unwanted elements.
With our range of services, we are able to do a threat analysis on your venue and provide you with a complete solution to venue protection, including excess control, and crowd control. Our staff are well trained to be able to control the security at your events.